6 months. Since we started organizing this underground music gatherings, in 2016, this has been, by far, the longest break we have ever made in between Chapters.

When we decided the date of the return – 10th of May, 2019 -, our thoughts bounced between “this is going to be amazing”, and “what if people forgot about ELA?”. Turns out that 3 YEARS OF ELA ended up becoming of the greatest parties we have ever set up in 3 years of events. Too “great” for what we expected for, actually, as we were prepared to have nearly half of the attendings we ended up having.

We now take a step back, as happy as we can be by perceiving the lovely Family around us who supports every move. Our hearts and minds are connected, vibrating in one thought. How can we keep evolving and transforming the project in such a way that it keeps its roots and grows positively, in a sustainable way?

ELA has been adapting all the way, following its own stream, and the precious positive input provided by all the ones who care. Some decisions have been made. First of all, Season wise.

No more numbers. Every ELA is an ELA.

Every ELA party is now unique, different, and incomparable with the previous one. Therefore, we are entering a new phase in which we feel that it makes no more sense to keep the Seasons. The Seasons had their time, and they where massively important to make us all feel positioned in the timeline of ELA. We are entering a new Era that will be a whole new Chapter in this story, open to many concepts and realities, where no single Season will be able to sum up everything in one general theme.

There’s another thought. We are finally making one of our biggest dreams come true.

As nature-lovers, organic beings, and artsy minds, we also aim to redirect ELA to a version that closely matches (even more) our ways of living and observing life. As an approach to reach this, we’re also introducing new ways of expression at ELA: writing, illustration, artworks, live performances, more eco solutions, less damage, more love. Whatever comes to mind and brings us close to each others.

We will gather efforts to find surprising venues for the parties. We will also fight to keep each party as limited as the venue allows. Because we want to grow in quality, grow beautiful, grow straight – not grow in numbers. We keep learning from mistakes of the past. We stick together, as the strong and united Family we are.

As we go, we’ll keep you posted on what’s new. You lovely people are all welcome to get involved, as you always were.

ELA was never just another party. We deeply wish that never changes.