Even though we could feel something was happening, it would not have been easy to guess that we would all have to face a biological World War this year, so suddenly. It is mandatory not to panic, to keep a certain routine and cooperate as One to overcome this strange period.

A lot of people are suffering, not only from the sickness, but also from all the stress they are being forced to experience. We are talking about nurses, doctors and all the main heroes that everyday go to work in rough conditions. Our love and admiration goes to them – thank you for all your effort.

For the majority of us, we are just being asked to stay indoors in order to stop the spreading. This can be hard after a while, but right in the middle of this changing phase, our free time can now be used to put things in perspective and analyze our lifestyle and behaviour patterns as a Society.

Change can be scary, but also an opportunity to start over and find different ways of doing things. The positive outcomes:

  1. The Planet can finally take a deep breath. If you pay attention to the World out of the economical system, you’ll be able to find beauty and peace flourishing in many places, after some weeks of Human inactivity. The CO2 emissions dropped dramatically, allowing everything to retrieve to a slower, more natural pace. It’s like Nature is giving us a wake up call.
  2. The inevitable response from all Governments around the World to the danger comes as a proof that yes, it is possible to change our current system, it is possible to organize and implement plans to be applied by entire nations, all at the same time, all with the same goal. We now have a raw proof that, in a situation of emergency, it is indeed possible to “reboot” the entire thing. Turns out that the majority of reasons presented until now to delay or postpone a real change of paradigm to face Global Warming and Climate change are nothing more than excuses.
  3. Humanity itself, in a whole, has come to realize how fragile and replaceable is the imaginary but lawful amalgam of limitations, rules, dogmas and “stories” that sustain our Societies that aren’t actually real, such as money, industries, careers and Institutions. In a blink of an eye, thousands of people got unemployed or temporarily without a source of income, facing the uncertainty of a jobless future. This generates doubt, but also creates a window for creativity and love to boom, as we unite as a species to protect each other and to create solutions that can keep everyone going. The true essence of Mankind is floating to the surface, and guess what – there is hope.

Hold on. Be patient and responsible. This phase will be over. And when that time comes, reuniting with your favorite humans with the absolute freedom to kiss them, hug them, cherish the simply fact that we’ve survived, that we are One, with the soundsystem pounding behind you and the stars above your head – celebration will explode from inside out, utter happiness vibes all over the place.

From now on, deciding to go to a party will have a special taste, and will never be the same again, because we are now more aware than never how much our Culture – and our freedom of choice – means to us.

When that time comes, the ELA Family will physically meet again, more united and stronger than never. Check our Mailing list and watch the Community Group on FB for news.