We make the World spin. Slowly, deeply, jointly. The way we live our physical space, our friendships, our sexuality, our emotions. Traveling, falling in love, music addiction, kissing madly, going further, diving deeper, being entirely.We are the generation of people that exists and co-exists with no boundaries, no judgments, that creates and reinvents its own reality and mentality. We are the generation that doesn’t belong to one place – we belong to the World, we belong everywhere.We collect memories, rather than objects.We fulfil our lifetime, rather than see it passing by.


ELA was created in order to provide an alternative option in Lisboa’s electronic music scene.Intimate, cozy and underground parties will happen in the east side of the city.In every ELA there will be a special guest DJ/label (international or local) – which is never pre-announced – alongside with our Resident DJs.Expect serious DJ sets, deep environment and strong vibes.

deep | togetherness | vibes | east/ost movement | people | music | dance


Location is never given publicly.

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