guy from 1990

Miguel is a DJ and events organizer from Lisbon with a sound palette firmly rooted in the UK sounds. His DJ sets encompass what many consider the golden era of electronic music: the 90’s, going from House, UK Garage, Acid House, and the most contemporary beats shifting between the decks.

After playing in Lisbon’s major clubs, in addition to appearances on Radio Oxigenio and Optimus Alive 2012, Miguel moved to London in 2013 to study music and organize his own nights. As Miguel asserts, the London experience was key to his musical culture and the development of his first ideas and concepts.

Moving back to Portugal in 2015, Miguel has organized and played at regular club nights, such as Musicbox and Europa. In 2016, together with his crew, Miguel pioneered one of the most important and relevant underground movements in Lisbon in the last few years: | ela | east lisbon afters.

At | ela |, Miguel is a resident DJ, booker, and organizer. In 2018, he has been playing in several clubs and nights all over Europe.

11.06.2011 Radio Oxigenio
20.02.2012 East Village, London
10.07.2012 Optimus Alive, Lisbon
12.02.2013 Cafe 1001, London
14.03.2013 Hysteria, London
16.04.2014 The Alibi, London
05.06.2014 The Haggerston, London
02.07.2014 Trafik, London
10.09.2014 The Alibi, London
06.12.2014 Bar 512 w/ Roses Gabor, London
24.10.2015 Brownie, Lisbon
21.04.2016 Minus One, Skopje – Macedonia
15.07.2016 EKA Palace, Lisbon
28.01.2017 Carpet and Friends, Lisbon
23.03.2017 Microclub, Lisbon
19.05.2017 Brownie, Lisbon
02.06.2017 Europa Sunset, Lisbon
08.11.2017 Musicbox, Lisbon
23.11.2017 Bairraza, Lisbon
30.11.2017 Europa Club, Lisbon
31.12.2017 EAST HOUSE w/ Phil Weeks, Lisbon
19.01.2018 Darc, Lisboa
03.02.2018 Bloop w/ Francesco Del Garda, Lisbon
16.02.2018 Lx Music w/ Pan-Pot, Lisbon
15.03.2018 Musicbox, Lisbon
29.03.2018 Europa Club, Lisbon
30.04.2018 | ela | east lisbon afters, Lisbon
04.05.2018 U feel.mi, Milan
05.05.2018 Secret, Lausanne
11.05.2018 Chalet, Berlin
19.05.2018 Last and Lost – Stephan Bodzin Afterparty, Lisbon
30.05.2018 Europa Club, Lisbon
15.05.2018 Suave, Lisbon
21.06.2018 Lounge, Lisbon
28.06.2018 Europa, Lisbon
29.06.2018 Altercafe, Nantes
02.07.2018 Sugarfactory, Amsterdam
06.07.2018 | ela | east lisbon afters
01.09.2018 Nova Batida Launching party
14.09.2018 Nova Batida 2018
14.09.2018 ELA – east lisbon afters <3
22.09.2018 COA, Lisbon