4 Years of ELA
From 10
23:45 to 08:00
From 24-01-20 to 25-01-20

How deep went East Lisbon?

In January 2016, a movement has raised in the city – a movement that, beyond its loyalty to its roots, helped to define a new identity in the local scene, to be recognized internationally.
The link between East London / Ost Berlin and all the positive messages around the 90’s rave culture are the main core of ELA. East/Ost is not only a symbol of social liberation, peaceful revolution and underground love – it represents a whole Era in the electronic music timeline that ended up influencing a lot of what is created and listened nowadays.

Today, ELA is a Community of like-minded people who rave together whenever they want, where everybody is welcome to express themselves in a safe, intimate environment regardless of their background, ethnicity, age or sexuality. Music – even though carefully selected and boldly defined – is just one part of the whole experience, alongside with the promotion of meaningful human interaction and a subtle, blossoming ecological message.
It’s 4 Years of ELA – and 4 Years of East Lisbon.

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ELA was created in order to provide an alternative option in Lisboa’s electronic music scene.

Intimate, cozy and underground parties will happen in the east side of the city.

Expect serious DJ sets, deep environment and strong vibes.

deep | togetherness | vibes | east/ost movement | people | music | dance

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Location is never given publicly.
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